10 Amazing Interesting Facts about Dogs

Dogs are as smart as 2-year-old children

When you find your sneaker chewed up or see your friend chasing their tail, it might not look like it, but dogs are very smart. Their mental skills are about the same as a two-year-old child's.

Dogs can read our emotion

Dogs don't always gaze at you to receive attention or treats. Sometimes they absorb your feelings. Researchers at the University of Lincoln say only dogs can tell if we're happy, sad, or angry.

Dogs don’t feel guilt

Dogs can look remorseful when caught doing something wrong—head bowed, ears back, gaze cheerless. You may assume your dog is ashamed and pleading for forgiveness, but animal behaviorists say dogs can't experience guilt.

A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 stronger than ours

Did you know dogs' sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than ours? One dog scientist said a dog can smell one rotting apple in two million barrels.

Dogs are amazingly diverse

The American Naturalist found that dogs have the most skull shapes. varied dog breeds have skulls as varied as species. A German Shepherd's skull is distinct from a Golden Retriever's, as a cat's is from a bear's.

Different tail wags mean different thing

Many pet parents think a wagging tail implies a happy dog. The truth is that tail wagging is a sophisticated language with many meanings. In Psychology Today, Dr. Stanley Coren writes, “The tail's position -- specifically, the height at which it is held -- can be considered a sort of emotional meter.”

Dogs can see some color

It's long been believed that dogs can only perceive gray. Dogs sense colors, although less vividly and fewer than humans. According to Psychology Today, dogs see predominantly yellows, blues, and grays. 

Dogs dream like human

Have you ever witnessed your dog sleep-twitching, growling, or “running”? Canine researcher Dr. Stanley Coren says canines dream like humans because their brain wave patterns during sleep are comparable.

Dogs can help people with health problem

Dogs may help sick people greatly. They can help the physically, visually, or hearing impaired, support mental disorders like PTSD and anxiety, remind handlers to take their medications.

Dogs sweat through their paw

Humans have sweat glands throughout their body, whereas dogs have them mostly in their paws. Wet paw prints on the floor or pavement indicate that your dog is hot. Help him cool off.

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