10 Dog  Stories That Are  Hard to Believe

Rae Anne Knitter of Cleveland, Ohio, owned Woodie, a mixed-breed Collie.  One day, Rae Anne Knitter and her boyfriend Ray hiked with Woodie. Ray slid from an 80-foot shale cliff while taking shots.

Black Newfoundland Villa was from New Jersey. Villa, a half-grown puppy, barked from her dog-run during a storm. After many minutes, she jumped the 5-foot fence and ran across her neighbor's yard. Zero visibility and 60-mph winds prevailed. 

 Duke, a Connecticut-adopted dog, saved an infant. Duke startled his owner by trembling wildly on his bed one night to gain their attention. They would never have recognized that nine-week-old Hazel couldn't breathe in another room without Duke.

Eight-week-old adopted German shepherd Joe Stalnaker was educated by his seizure-stricken owner to use the phone if his owner attacked. Epileptic convulsions struck his Arizona owner, Mr. Stalnaker.

In 2007, Colorado's five-pound Chihuahua Zoey saved a one-year-old toddler from a three-foot rattlesnake when it got too close. Zoey recovered from a tiny snakebite above her eye, and the dog's owner exterminated the snake.

Few years ago, Shana, a half-wolf dog/half-German Shepard, became famous for her heroics. Shana rescued an elderly couple from the snowstorm. After finding Norman and Eve trapped in the snow, Shana worked hard to excavate a tunnel to get them home.

Paralyzed Gareth Jones was saved by a 4-year-old Golden Retriever when his wheelchair got stuck in a muddy field. The former dog was ready to help Gareth Jones when he got stranded in the muddy field.  

In 2002, Lakewood, Colorado police canine Rocky chased a burglar, took a bullet, and helped catch a 20-year-old gangster. Rocky's officer/partner, Darren Mauer, said the bullet to his paw didn't slow him down and he was the same dog afterward.

A Golden retriever stopped Debbie Parkhurst from choking on an apple in her Maryland home. The dog sprang upon Debbie Parkhurst's chest and forced the food out of her throat. Later, in 2007, the Golden Retriever won "Dog of the Year."

Nyla is another brave dog who saved her owner from fire. Nyla boldly led Sheila, Nyla's owner, to a neighboring door while she was engulfed in flames and smoke and unable to see. When Sheila lost her way to the door, Nyla barked.

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