10 Dogs  That Bark  The  Most

Miniature Pinscher 

Energetic, tiny, and mischievous, these dogs tell their owners about neighborhood events. They enjoy toys and are superb watchdogs, but only experienced owners can handle their willfulness.


"Musical" is what his fans call this dog's voice. No matter what is going on—a trash bag flying down the street or a stranger coming to visit—these dogs will let their owner and everyone else within a mile know.


This is the smallest Spitz breed. They are smart, friendly, and easy to train. These dogs like to cuddle with their family, but they are also very active and won't be happy being a bag dog. 


It is a sassy little dog that can be a great guard dog. But if they aren't taught right, these dogs can get very yappy. On top of barking, they can be very tense, which can make them nip and bite when they feel threatened or scared.

Alaskan Malamute 

The cheerful Alaskan Malamute is a world-class leash-puller. These canines are difficult to fence due to their digging and climbing skills. They may wail with sirens or call owners with “woo-woos” but are not nuisance barkers.

Siberian Husky 

The joyful, active, and affectionate breed is too friendly to be a good watchdog, yet you may hear his howl and alarms. A lot of husky barking invites play.

American English Coonhound 

The speed and endurance of this dog breed are legendary. This hunting hound needs regular exercise and gets along with other dogs and people.

Miniature Schnauzer 

This tiny dog type has a big personality and will bark loudly at the door. Athletic and smart, these dogs make great watchdogs. They bark naturally, but training can stop it.

Basset Hound 

Basset Hounds aren't as busy as other hounds because their bodies are longer and their legs are shorter. The classic hound howl is still in these dogs, and they use it to its fullest if they are left alone in the garden.

German Shepherd 

They protect naturally and can do almost any dog job. These courageous, bright, and athletic dogs need targeted care and training to avoid becoming bored, destructive, lonely, and loud.

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