10 Incredible Facts  About  Dogs

Dogs Smell Several Times Better Than Humans

Because of their incredible scent detection capacity, dogs are utilized to sniff out persons, narcotics, explosives, and even money. Although humans have 5 million scent receptors, some amazing dogs have over 300 million. 

A Greyhound Will Outrun a Cheetah in a Long Race 

Another dog fact: the cheetah is the fastest land animal, but a greyhound will beat it in a long race! Because a cheetah can barely hold 70 mph for 30 seconds, a greyhound can easily sustain 35 mph for 7 miles. 

Dogs Sweat Through Their Paws 

Dogs sweat, but you may not have noticed them. They solely use their paws. You may see wet footsteps on the floor on very hot days. If dogs sweated like people, their fur would inhibit evaporation, therefore most paws sweat.

Dog Nose Prints Are Like Human Fingerprints

Dog nose prints are unique, like human fingerprints. No two dogs have the same nose pattern. A dog food manufacturer has established an app (NOSEiD) to reconnect dogs and owners using this unique characteristic. 

Dogs Can Dream 

Dogs dream like humans, and they regularly repeat the day's events. Twitching legs or barking while asleep can indicate your dog is dreaming. All dogs dream, but puppies and seniors dream more. 

Dogs Are as Smart as Human Toddlers 

Researchers found that dogs are smart and can learn as much as two-year-olds. Dogs may not be Albert Einstein, but they can learn 165 or 250 words. 

Dogs Are Not Completely Color Blind 

Not all dogs are color blind, despite popular perception. Even though dogs cannot perceive colors, they can see yellow and blue. Dogs can only see in yellow and blue because their eyes have two color receptors (cones) compared to three in humans.

Dogs Are Born Blind and Deaf 

Many people love puppies, but few realize how helpless they are at birth. They cannot see or hear at birth because to underdeveloped senses. Puppy dogs cannot see until two weeks after birth and must wait six weeks to hear. 

Courts Accept Trained Bloodhound Evidence 

In some U.S. courts, bloodhound smell evidence is allowed. This is owing to this species' incredible sense of smell. People call bloodhounds “noses with dogs attached.

World's Tallest Dog is Zeus, a Great Dane. 

In May 2022, Guinness World Records named Zeus, a 200-pound, 3-foot-5.18-inch dog, the tallest dog. Zeus, owned by Bedford, Texas resident Brittany Davies, broke the record at two. 

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