10 Myths about Dogs That People Still Believe Are True

Dogs are colour blind

Many believe dogs are colorblind, yet studies indicate they have two color cones in their eyes. They can see color, but they have problems identifying green and red tints, which look as greys, browns, blue, and yellow.

A dry warm nose means your dog isn't well

Have you heard this before? TeamDogs says that the temperature and humidity will be to blame for your dog's nose. Our dogs can get runny noses when they are outside in the cold, just like people do.

You can't teach an old dog new trick

Since dogs learn quickly, this is another fallacy. Teaching an elderly dog new tricks takes longer, but it's feasible. Have fun, be encouraging, and train a senior dog little and frequently. Be sure to reward them.

Dogs only yawn when they are tired

Yawns are used by dogs to relieve tension and anxiety. Playing or being stroked may make your dog yawn. They also say they've had enough and are losing patience.

All dogs are good swimmer

Some individuals think all dogs swim naturally. Many dogs adore water, but not all can swim.The team adds: "Bulldogs, mastiffs, dachshunds, and boxers are poor swimmers due to their muscular chests and large skulls.

Dogs need to chew on bone

TeamDogs thinks bones are typically harmful. Long, cooked, tubular bones can hurt dogs with their sharp fragments. Raw bones don't shatter as easily as home-cooked ones, so choose these for your dog.

A female dog feels 'empty' if they don't have a litter

"Dogs are unable to feel broody and allowing them to have one litter before getting them neutered has no proven health or behaviour benefit for them.

If a dog is wagging its tail, it means it's friendly

A wagging tail is dog communication, but what does it mean? It may appear friendly, yet the dog may be sad. "If a dog's body is almost motionless and it only shakes its tail.

Dogs age seven years for every human year

Breeds vary in size, making age determination difficult. How long a dog lives depends on many things, not simply breed. A dog needs good living conditions, care, hygiene, diet, and exercise to live long and happy.

A little bit of chocolate is fine

Chocolate includes theobromine, which poisons dogs and cats. Your pet should not have access to chocolate, including cocoa powder and hot chocolate. Your dog may have eaten too much dark chocolate, so call your vet.

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