10 Reasons Why Dogs  are  Better Than Cats

More Famous than Cat

Characters such as Snoopy, Scooby Doo, Balto, Marley, Beethoven, Old Yeller, Hooch, Airbud, and Blue from Blue's Clues are well-known.All dogs go to heaven.

Dogs Make you Laugh, It\’s Science

St. Bonaventure University's Psychology Department found that dog owners laughed more than cat owners.Participants with dogs, cats, both, or none were polled to determine how often and why people laughed.

Dogs Help You Make Friend

Harvard University published scientific studies with other academic institutions worldwide showing how dogs form human-to-human bonds.  Dog parents certainly know why dogs are better than cats.

Dogs Can Smell Cancer

Everyone knows dogs have the greatest noses! Bloodhounds have 300 million olfactory receptors compared to six million in humans. University of Pennsylvania Working Dog Center researchers taught dogs to detect cancer using their sniffers.

Dogs Keep Human in Shape

Every dog owner can attest to this. Dogs must walk. We usually relax on the couch when we get home. We take a healthy neighborhood walk after a few whines and sincere stares from Fido.

Dogs Can be Trained and Do Cool Stuff, Cats Don\’t

It was found by researchers at the University of Tokyo that cats can remember their name and come when you call them. They don't want to. Like your kids, cats can only hear certain sounds.

Dogs Help Humans from Developing Allergies and Asthma

Dogs save the world one asthmatic child at a time. A University of California, San Francisco study found that children exposed to dog dust—dried flakes of dog skin—change intestinal microbes to prevent allergies and asthma later in life.

The Dog House is Cleaner Than the Cat House

Scientific studies absent. Simple observation from lifetime cat and dog ownership.Puppy dogs will destroy the house. Good dog training and leadership stop this.

Dogs Can Take Selfie

Seriously! A London dog training center provides iPad Masterclass. Trainers encourage canines to draw and take selfies. On Instagram, dogs swipe with their noses to take candid photos. 

Dogs are Man\’s Best Friend

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