10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dog In Your Life

Dogs increase your mood dramatically!   uarius

Spending 15-30 minutes with your dog will calm you, reduce stress, and boost happiness. Playing with your dog boosts dopamine and serotonin, which induce relaxation. 

Humans with dogs recover more quickly from illnesses

Dog owners recover faster from illness than non-dog owners. Heart attack victims with dogs are twice as likely to recover! Start cuddling your dog!

A dog boosts your health and fitness

Yes, of course! You and your dog both need to get some movement every day. Since dog owners have to play with and train their dogs, it makes sense that dog people are usually more active.

Dogs help increase social interactions 

Dogs need human attention and playtime, as well as socialization with other dogs! This allows their owners to socialize while supervising puppy playdates. 

Having a dog makes YOU more awesome 

Having a dog makes us more responsible, patient, selfless, and honest. It also makes us healthier and better people in general.

Owning a dog could make you more attractive to potential love matches

Sixty percent of the 700 people asked by Dog's Trust said that having a dog can make other people more attractive, and eighty-five percent said that people are friendlier when they have a dog.

Because they live to protect their little mates 

And kids can learn a lot from their pets! Children can feel important and satisfied when they remember to feed, water, and clean up after a dog.

Because they give the best kisses 

It's cold and wet, but it's still so cute! When your dog licks your face, it shows love and respect, letting you know that Fido sees you as the leader of the pack.

They are a reflection of your personality

People can learn a lot about who you are from the type of dog you have. A study in England found a strong link between the types of dogs people kept and their personalities.

Dogs Make Us Feel Less Alone

Dogs can help when people can't. They offer unconditional affection, emotional support, and continuous cuddling to prevent social isolation. Dog ownership reduces loneliness, according to a tiny Australian study.

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