10 Signs  That Show Your Dog Loves  You A Lot

They Smile at You

You were right if you ever thought your dog was happy. People have seen dogs smile like they're cheesing! Vetstreet says this is one of the signs that your dog really loves you: a big smile with lots of teeth.

They Raise Their Eyebrow

Pay attention to a lot more than your dog’s tail while seeking for indications of love. A recent Japanese study found that dogs immediately raised their eyebrows, especially their left, when they spotted their owners.

They're Wagging Their Tail

Everyone knows that a dog's happy mood can be told by the way its tail moves back and forth. They're pleased. Consider it a sign of love if they wag their tail when you're around.

They Like to Wrestle or Roughhouse

Your dog's wrestling or roughhousing is another pack trait that suggests he/she wants to stay near to you even when playing! Don't let them witness you fighting other dogs—it may turn ugly!

They Look at You While Going Potty

Do you notice your dog staring at you awkwardly while performing its business? This shows faith, not shame. Your dog needs you to protect it in this most vulnerable time and guard for danger.

They Like Your Scent

Do you think your dog loves your scent? Besides sniffing your underwear, does she/he appear concerned with your clothes, shoes, workout gear, and anything else that smells like you? That proves they love you!

They Follow You Around

Does your pet follow you around? All rooms (include the bathroom)—not just the kitchen or doorway? That means your dog loves and considers you part of its pack. She/he follows you. With exception to shower. That won't be understood!

They Lean/Sit Against You with Their Back

The statement “I've got your back” describes what your dog is saying when he sits or leans against you with his back to you. This is a show of trust and a vestige from your dog's pack lineage.

They're Physically Affectionate

As dogs cannot speak, they show devotion with their bodies. These differ by dog, although they typically approximate group habits. Wanting to snuggle, hold, or sleep in bed with you. If your dog wants to be close to you, she/he undoubtedly loves you!

They're Excited to See You

It may sound apparent and straightforward, but it's true. Seeing you makes your dog happy, therefore she/he likes you. Genuine excitement is the first sign that your dog loves you. 

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