10 Strange Dog  Behaviors


Have you ever been doing anything at home and seen your dog run off? They turn a corner, almost missing a knee-out. Zoomies are regular energy spurts. It lets your dog unleash a lot of energy in one zip.

Chasing their tail

As with zoomies, a dog chasing his tail may be for amusement or to burn up energy. Tail chasing may be problematic if there are anal gland or skin sensitivities. 

Making their bed

Do you get dizzy watching your dog whirl before he settles down? This may be because his predecessors circled to mat down their beds' leaves. Although your dog doesn't need this, some finicky canines appreciate a smooth, flattened surface to sleep on.

Sitting on your feet

You dog wants to sit on your feet with plenty of places to sit. Your dog wants you to himself when he does this. This will mark you as his. Another cause comes from dogs' ancestors sitting at the leader's feet. You lead, so they sit at (or on) your feet!

Fear of the vacuum

Do your dogs think vacuum cleaners are alien monsters? Not all dogs fear vacuums, especially small robotic ones. The loud, ordinary vacuum makes most bark madly and flee and hide. 

Rolling in something nasty

In the wild, animals roll in whatever they can find to hide their scent. Domesticated dogs don't need to hide their scent, and if they do, it's probably because they want to. Make sure to bathe them afterward!

Awkward staring while they potty

This is simple. Even if their only hazard is a brother speeding past to play, animals continually watch for predators while pottying. They watch another dog in the group for signs of danger.  

Sniffing another dog’s butt

Why does a dog usually greet and get to know another dog by sniffing its butt? Dogs can smell 10,000 times better than humans, thus they learn a lot about a new dog by smelling its behind.


Unless your dog is fixed, it may be sexual. But even fixed, female dogs will suddenly try to hump your leg, another dog, or an object. It's not sexual or dominating in these circumstances.

Poop Eating

Crazy dog behavior has never been this bizarre or disgusting. Dr. Sophia Yin says this is natural, despite its disgustingness. Protein in excrement attracts dogs, who evolved as scavengers.

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