10 Things To Consider When Adopting A Dog

Help your dog relax at home alone 

Adopted dogs build strong relationships with their new parents, making separation difficult at first. Build your dog's confidence to be home alone with these recommendations. Apply these tips as soon as you bring your new friend home.

Establish household rules and routines 

If your dog lives with multiple people, everyone must follow rules and routines.consistency, stability, and leadership for your dog. Your dog learns faster if your family is consistent.

Reward behaviours you want 

Consider what your dog enjoys and utilize it to encourage repeating habits! Treats, walks, food, praise, a game with a favorite toy, greeting another dog, sniffing grass, belly massages, ball throws, etc. are rewards.

Manage the situation so your dog makes “good” choices 

Dogs learn good and bad habits rapidly. Extra management early on is crucial. You increase the likelihood that your dog will jump on guests every time they get the chance. Find out what causes the behavior, anticipate it, and prevent it.

Turn “mistakes” into learning opportunities 

It's rare for a well-supervised dog to make mistakes, but it happens. When they do, remember to improve management next time. In the meantime, teach children good behavior by using their bad ones. Consider:

Take a dog training class 

Going to dog training sessions with your family is a great way to learn how your dog thinks and learns and how to get him or her to repeat good behavior! A trainer can visit your home for private sessions to increase your dog's IQ.

Gain helpful insights from dog behaviour and training experts 

Reading dog behavior and training specialists' articles can teach you a lot about your dog and how to tackle various behavior difficulties. It can also help you realize how well dogs relate to people, given how convoluted our communication is!

Introducing new dogs to children and other pets 

When introducing your new dog to your previous pets, supervise their interactions and give them time to bond—friendships might take weeks or months. 

Housetrain your dog to prevent indoor accidents 

Even if the dog you adopted was housetrained, imagine they haven't been for the first two weeks to avoid accidents. Spend time teaching and rewarding your new pet for proper elimination.

Find ways to exercise your dog’s mind and body outdoors and indoors 

Many dog behavior concerns stem from insufficient exercise and mental stimulation. Dogs may chew or bark due to boredom, stress, and excess energy.

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