10 Unique Mixed Breed Dogs To Look Out For


Anyone heard about it? A Chihuahua-Beagle mix. Cheagles are lively, playful, and gentle like their Beagle parents. Its tiny size comes from the Chihuahua.


A cross between the Corgi and the Siberian Husky. It's also called Horgi and Siborgi. Because it has a double coat, this short-legged breed is known to shed all year long.


From the Boxer and Labrador breeds sprang this hybrid. This huge dog is great for individuals seeking a loyal and kind companion. Boxadors love their family. They need an active lifestyle and exercise routine. These mutts get along with kids and pets.

Golden Shepherd 

If you love German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, consider adopting a Golden Shepherd. Gentle, attentive, lively, and intelligent, Golden Shepherds are easygoing. 


When Pugs and Chihuahuas meet, they produce the cutest Chug! Having Pug and Chihuahua traits makes a fun and loyal dog. This breed needs early socialization to accept other dogs and children.


Bred from Shih Tzu and Chihuahua. Short dogs like Shichis or Chi-Tzus need gentle handling. This tiny breed is daring and entertaining. The dog barks sharply and shrilly.


A Labrador and Siberian Husky mix is likely to have traits from both of its parents. It will be smart, loving, hardworking, and good at swimming, and it will defend and be devoted to its people.


Consider a Labrador-Rottirund mix for a watch dog. A Rottador can be the perfect pet with socialization and obedience training. While a puppy, introduce this breed to other pets and children to foster a sociable disposition. 

Shepherd Chow 

Name reveals lineage. German Shepherd and Chow Chow are the parents of this mixed breed dog. A loyal, enthusiastic, and smart medium to big hybrid dog may result. 


We get cute Corgipoos when Corgis and Poodles breed. Their lovely faces sit on petite bodies with short, thick legs. Corgis are good with kids and adults. The breed is smart, obedient, active, and mischievous.

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