10 Ways You Can Create Mementos of Your Pet

Create A Photo Album With Caption

A pet photo album or book is a special keepsake. Just your pet's life images and a new photo album are needed. Some pet parents enjoy shooting pictures while playing fetch with their dog. 

Hold A Memorial Service

Pet memorial services are possible. This tradition is rare in most civilizations because pets are not considered persons, but you can still do it as a tribute to your pet. 

Create A Video For Your Pet Memorie

Your pet memories can be filmed. Combining pet photos with movies is another option. Videos can help preserve pet memories and show their life.

Pet Portrait

Your pet can be drawn. Embrace your artistic abilities and frame it to hang on the wall. You can also hire an artist. You can choose a watercolor, oil, or sketch portrait. Find what works for you. 

Inscribed Craft

Inscribed stones and pebbles are another way to keep pet memories. Plain stones and stencils can be used to write pet notes. Find a professional, tell them what you want to say, and let them do it.

Picture Frame

Affordable picture frames are available. You can order a frame to display your pet images on your nightstand. It can be hung around the house or on your living room coffee table.

Garden Memorial

To honor your pet, plant a tree in your yard, at a pet graveyard, or somewhere else in your neighborhood. Another thing you can do is help plant trees at an environmental group near you.

Decorative Fabric

You can print a pet photo and quote on cloth. Commissioning an artist to draw your pet and print it on table coverings and pillowcases is another alternative. You can print a t-shirt or hoodie with commissioned pet art.

Paint A Wall Mural

A pet mural can be painted around the house. Murals can also cover walls and rooms. I like that your painting incorporates the architecture of your chosen room.

Decorative Urn

If you cremate your pet, consider a lovely urn for the ashes. In case you relocate, you can take the urn. Choose a tiny urn to keep your pet's ashes protected from spills. The urn might include a paw print, pet name, or photo frame.

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