10 Weirdest Dog Behavior & Weird Dog Symptoms Explained

Tail Chasing 

This is a wonderful way for dogs to burn off energy. If they do this often, they may get flea allergy dermatitis or anal gland issues. Consult your vet.

Sniffing other dog’s asses 

Each dog has a unique ass stink, like each face. Two glands surrounding a dog's anus release a fluid that tells another dog about their sex, nutrition, health, and mood.

Digging holes in the yard 

Dogs may do this out of boredom or play. On hot summer days, some dogs dig to rest in cool earth, while others chase voles or moles.

Humps You, Objects or Other Dogs 

When dogs hump on other dogs, your leg, or things, it's because they're happy or want your attention. If you want to stop your dog from doing this, just ignore it or try to move it with a treat or toy.


Multi-frequency howling travels far. This can be used as a ‘contact’ vocalization to signal location. Many dogs cry due to separation anxiety, others owing to environmental triggers or habit.

Rolling backs in the grass 

It's possible for dogs to roll over in the grass because it's cool or because it hurts their back. Dogs like to roll around in things to hide their smell because if they smell like a dog, their prey might run away.

Eating feces 

This behavior is caused by many things. In this case, it could mean that your dog isn't getting enough nutrients, which could be caused by bad dog food or a health problem.


Dogs staring at you hope for a treat or praise. Before gazing back at him, be sure he is not afraid or aggressive. Some dogs find direct eye contact threatening.

Thrashes Toys 

Dogs show one of their most basic desires, which is to kill, when they thrash toys around. Almost all dogs act this way, and it's something they are born with.

Walks in Circles Before Lying Down 

You can blame dog's ancestors for this habit. Wild wolf-like dogs would roam around a location to pat down grass, leaves, and other debris to make a nesting spot.

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