5 Benefits Of Turmeric  To Boost  Your Dog's Health

Turmeric Is Anti-Inflammatory

You may assume inflammation just affects dogs with joint disorders. Chronic, concealed inflammation kills silently. Almost all sickness starts there.Diseases such as cancer, arthritis, allergies, renal, dental, and digestive issues are all caused by inflammation.

Acute inflammation releases white blood cells to stimulate tissue repair in dogs exposed to viruses or bacteria.Low-grade chronic inflammation, lasting weeks, months, or years, is the main cause of degenerative and inflammatory health concerns in dogs.

Turmeric Helps Fight Cancer

We know persistent inflammation can cause cancer. We know turmeric is antioxidant-rich. A UK study found that curcumin could prevent precancerous alterations from becoming cancer. 

Turmeric For Arthritis In Dog

We know that inflammation causes arthritis. and turmeric reduces inflammation.Turmeric helps alleviate arthritis pain and stiffness more effectively than traditional painkillers.

Turmeric Can Treat Gastrointestinal Disorder

Turmeric can treat IBD and other gastrointestinal problems due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Several preclinical and uncontrolled clinical investigations demonstrate it improves intestinal inflammation and permeability.

Turmeric Can Replace Steroid

For allergies and joint pain, many dogs use steroids, although some research show curcumin works as well. “The lack of side effects with curcumin is its greatest advantage compared with corticosteroids.”

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