5 Commands Every  Dog  Should  Know


One of the easiest things you can teach your dog is to "sit." It's also what every good training program is built on. You can get your dog to stop doing bad things like jumping on people and get control back in your home by teaching your dog to "Sit."

There are several techniques to train your dog to sit. Catch your dog sitting alone, treat him, and say “yes”. After a few times, say “sit” when your dog sits and reward him. After a few practise sessions, your dog should associate “sit” with sitting.


After teaching "Sit," it makes sense to teach "Down." The shutdown state of "down" is short-term and can help you keep your dog in one place for a while. You could think of it as a "off switch" for your dog.


Your dog will naturally stay after learning Sit and Down. To keep your dog from racing out the front door after that squirrel or staying seated or lying down at the vet, teach him stay. One of the hardest orders to teach is stay, but persistence can help.


The word "come" is very important. If your dog always comes to you, you won't have to chase him around the yard or dog park, and he might even save your life in a dangerous situation.


Who doesn't want their dog to walk calmly on a slack leash? Every dog owner wants it! By teaching your dog to heel, he will walk beside you without dragging. This command will make dog and owner pleased over time.

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