5 Cool Fun Facts about Chow Chows Puppies

Purple People Eater? 

Although the Chow is not linked in any way to the blue-tongued lizard (or to the defensive line of the Minnesota Vikings), it does have a tongue that is colored blue-black or purple.

 In point of fact, it is the only breed of dog that has a tongue and lips of a purplish color. Is it possible that the Chow was the first Goth in the world?!?

Distinctive Looks 

The Chow Chow is different in more ways than just having blue lips and tongue. The blue-coated Chow often has a blue or gray nose, did you know that? So you see, even dogs know how important it is to match!

Old Money 

This dog is ancient. Chows, one of the oldest canine breeds, originated in China 4,000 years ago. People should know how to handle chopsticks by now. 

The "Arnold Schwarzenegger" of Dogs 

There's no way that the Chow is a bodybuilder dog. Furthermore, as far as we know, Chows have no plans to work in politics. The Chow, on the other hand, is in the same mood as Arnie of Austria.

Foot Fetish 

It is. Chows have foot fetishes. Chow foot warmers are ideal for cold winter days (and stingy landlords who don't enjoy heat). Chows love to kiss your feet while sitting on them.

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