5 Facts About Labrador Retriever You Probably Didn't Know

Labs Love the Water

These dogs were actually made for the water! Their strong, thick tail, which is sometimes called a "otter tail," helps them steer, and their webbed feet help them swim quickly.

Their thick, waterproof coats keep them warm even in cold water, like the icy seas of Newfoundland, where they were first bred. Labs are great at Diving Dogs events because they have all of these traits.

They Are Purpose-Bred Hunting Dog

After returning to England in the 1800s, the British bred labs as game-hunting companions from duck retrievers. They are now skilled retrievers who can hunt waterfowl and game for hours. Labs excel in Retriever Field Trials and Hunting Tests.

They’re Very Versatile Worker

Labs are valuable workers in many sectors due to their intellect, enthusiasm to please, and hard work. These dogs are popular for service dog, search and rescue, bomb and narcotics detection, and therapy dog work.

Be Prepared for Endless Energy

Labs were built to run, swim, and work despite their laid-back nature. Labs that don't get enough exercise, including at least one long, fast walk every day, may chew on house items or escape the yard.

Color Is Not an Indication of Character

Some say yellow Labs are the laziest and black Labs are the best hunters, but science disagrees. Like people, each dog is distinctive, and some breeders focus on field skills while others on breed standard conformation.

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