5 Highly Unusual Dog Breeds with Unique Traits

Chinese crested 

It is a breed of hairless dog that has a characteristic crest (tuft of hair) on the top of its head, as well as tufts of hair on its feet and tail, which are referred to as "socks" and "plume," respectively. 

The hot-skinned body of this breed was used as a kind of live "hot-water bottle" as a remedy for pains and aches because of its naturally high temperature. Nevertheless, there is also a haired variety that has a luxuriously long and double coat that is both long and silky.


This breed was once a herding dog. The felted coat of this Italian Alps breed is its most noticeable trait. Additionally, these dogs are called “a breed of dog without a face”. The rustic-looking medium-sized dog is well-proportioned and harmonious.

Catahoula Leopard Dog 

This dog has sixth sense. Their unusual coat and blue eyes are intriguing. These dogs can climb trees. This breed's leopard-spot pattern on nearly any background gives it its name.


These Turkish hunting dogs are unusually double- or split-nosed. In this breed's own nation, this unique trait is not a genetic flaw. These dogs have excellent scenting instincts. Their speed is also well-known. These dogs excel in partridge hunting in rough terrain.

Irish Water Spaniel  

It is an odd-looking Irish dog breed. These hunting and water retrieving dogs are bred. This is one of the oldest and largest spaniels. It is also one of the rarest breeds and not for everyone.

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