5 Minute Guide to Akita Dogs Feeding & Weight Management

Big dogs like Akitas need particular diets. Any diet compromise will harm dogs. Only feeding Akitas natural food is best because they are more used to it. This article explains how to feed this graceful dog:

What to feed?

For a long time, Akita dogs mostly ate rice, fish, and sea plants.For an Akita to grow properly, its food should have the right amount of all the nutrients it needs. Puppies should eat high-quality food until they are 4 months old.

How often and how much to feed a dog depends on its age, size, energy, and how active it is. This means that an Akita should be fed at least twice a day. Your dog's main food should be high-quality dry food that is full.

Meal frequency 

How much?

Five to six cups of high-quality dry food should be given to an adult Akita twice a day.On the other hand, this amount might be a little off because of the dog's size, age, and level of exercise.

Weight management 

A simple hands-on test can determine if your dog is obese. Place hand on dog's back. Keep the thumb along the spine and spread your fingers downward. If you can feel his ribs without pressure, the dog is not obese.

What to avoid 

These foods should not be fed to your Akita: Apple cores, Grapes, Mushrooms, Cooked bones, Caffeine, Raisins,Chocolate, Raw dough.

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