5 Popular Global Destinations to Visit with Your Dog

Paris, France

We promise that this dog-friendly place will not let you down or your dog. There are some very nice places that let dogs stay and treat them very well. The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal and the Shangri-La Hotel Paris will both be happy to have your pet. 

You and your four-legged companion can take advantage of the metro, which is a secure and reasonably priced mode of transportation, in order to get to dog-friendly restaurants and parks.

Tel Aviv, Israel

There are almost 70 dog parks and 4 dog-friendly beaches in this city, which changes what it means to be dog-friendly. It has the most dogs per person in the world, which is another thing that makes it a dog-friendly place.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This summer may be the perfect time to take your pet to this pet paradise. It has 60 off-leash dog parks and countless pet-friendly cafes and businesses. Your dog can enjoy the sun and sand at Woodbine, Cherry, and Kew-balmy beaches. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Your dog can ride any public transportation to see this city's beauty. There are also 'bakfiets'—bikes with a carrier for a dog to ride about town. The city has various pet-friendly parks, including the magnificent Beatrix-Park. 

New York City, United States

Pet-friendly hotels, grooming services, and food choices make this city a treat for your dog. Dogs and cats in carriers can ride subways, buses, and commuter rail. 

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