5 Reasons to Get a  Rescue  Puppy

Rescuing a puppy will give you a good feeling! 

People who accept pets and people who give up their pets happen at very different times. It is estimated that about 2.7 million cats and dogs are put down every year in the US because there are not enough people willing to accept them. 

If you decide to get a pet, you will be amazed at how good you feel. It is possible that you will save the life of at least one good animal that deserves to live but can't because no one wants to accept him.

Enjoy a nice bonding with a healthy pet 

There are many healthy and happy animals waiting to be adopted at rescue groups and animal shelters. Shelter animals are vaccinated and examined regularly to ensure their health. 

Adoption of a puppy is a great money saver 

Adoption is cheaper than buying a puppy from a pet store, so you'll save money. Animal shelters and rescue groups have healthy, vaccinated, neutered, or spayed animals, making shelter adoption a cost-effective option.

You will become a better person by adopting a pet 

Loving one's own children is natural, but loving an innocent animal will bring you joy, love, and a better person. Your absolute devotion for the animal will reveal your hidden talents.

.You will be able to bring a reduction in the factory style breeding of animals 

If you adopt a puppy from a rescue group or animal shelter, you would be ending the factory-style breeding operations of puppy mills, which prioritize profits over pet welfare.

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