6 Ways To Keep  Your Dog Healthy

Food and Nutrition 

One of the best ways to prevent obesity and extend your pet's life is to feed him the right amount and type of food. A balanced diet of high-quality food may meet your pet's nutritional needs, but see your vet about supplements.

Get Some Exercise 

Walking, hiking, fetching, and swimming can keep your pet fit. Never underestimate mental stimulation! Playing with toys, hiding goodies, building obstacle courses, and learning new tricks can keep your dog engaged. 

Veterinarian Checkups 

Your veterinarian can perform a variety of health screenings during an annual wellness appointment to detect early disease and warning signs of serious illness. Plaque and tartar may require annual teeth cleanings.

Prevention Is Better than Cure 

Disease-prevention drugs. Preventative measures include regular veterinarian examinations. Heartworm, flea, and tick-borne diseases can be prevented using medications. 


Your pet needs regular baths, nail clipping, and brushing at least once or twice a week. Your pet's dandruff, bald spots, and dry skin can be seen while grooming.


A close bond with your dog benefits you both. Cuddles, belly rubs, and coat stroking are great ways to show your dog love. This enhances your emotional bond with your pet and promotes good relations between pets and humans.

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