6 Ways to Keep Your Labrador Happy and Healthy

Daily Brushing of Coat

Shedding is common in Labradors. They lose a lot of hair in autumn and spring. In labs, you can lessen hair loss but not prevent it. Brushing their hair daily keeps them clean and reduces hair loss. 

Regular Exercise

Labs are high-energy dogs who need frequent exercise to stay fit emotionally and physically. If your dog has gained weight without overfeeding or chews excessively, they are under-exercised.

Provide them with a Healthy Diet

Labradors adore food. They can trick their owners into buying what they see. Thus, they need a tasty, nutritious diet.For size, activity, and disease prevention, Labrador Retrievers need a balanced, vitamin-rich diet. 

Begin Their Training Early

Since labradors are friendly, most owners stop training after housebreaking. Due of their size, labs can be difficult to control without training.This breed is smart, therefore teaching instructions and tricks is easy.

Give them Chew Resistant Dog Toy

If they don't get enough activity, labradors can overchew. They do this even when you leave the house briefly. Thus, good chew-resistant dog toys are useful.

Socialize Them Well

Leaving a gorgeous breed like a labrador unsocialized is a crime. They love people and are just as engaged with toddlers as seniors. Labs want to be with their families, so avoid tying them outside.

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