6 Zodiac Signs That Know How To Be Alone


Scorpios withdraw when obsessed with people or projects. Plotting and planning keep them concentrated on their fixation, so they don't seek out company.


Virgo enjoys people but finds it exhausting. They prefer solitude. Virgos adore study and writing and strive to improve.


Cancers adore people and entertaining, but if they're upset by others' mistreatment, they'll withdraw. Cancerians enjoy being home alone, thus being home alone isn't a bother.


They can be pleased to do their own thing and escape into their fantasy. Pisces sometimes crave social contact, but once they do, they can stay alone for a long period.


Capricorn might be gregarious one minute and content to be alone the next. Capricorns sometimes desire solitude.


They prefer to see things at their own pace without having to consider others. They like being alone and don't feel cheated.


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