6 Zodiac Signs That Spend Money The Most


While some people exclusively spend their own money, Sagittarius does not. Sagittarius doesn't prioritize money. No matter the cost, they must have their desires. Thankfully, Sagittarius desires are limited, which is satisfying.


Libras may be skilled at managing emotions, but often waste money. Libras, ruled by Venus (the planet of material appetites), want what they want regardless of price.


Pisces prefer to spend on others. Jupiter, the planet of growth, rules Pisces, who seeks meaningful life experiences and uses money to do so. Pisces overspends when they go shopping or to the movies to get over their terrible phase.


Aries spend rashly. Their desire for something depends on what others have. FOMO causes Aries overspending. Aries confuse their wants and necessities and wind up with little or no savings. 


Leo enjoys buying food and gadgets. The Lion sign enjoys material things. The zodiac signs that spend the most are those that believe that more leads to happiness.


Geminis' dual nature causes stagnating savings. These natives are moody, so no one knows when they'll spend. Geminis save for important things due to their duality. However, when bored, Geminis buy the most expensive and unnecessary items. 


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