7 Amazing Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Older Dogs Need a House the Most

Did you know most elderly dogs die in shelters? This is because most first-time dog owners adopt puppies and disregard older dogs. False: most people think elderly dogs won't adore them like pups do. 

They Learn New Tricks Quickly

Now comes the best part of senior dog adoption. Despite popular opinion, mature canines are too smart and learn tricks faster than expected. There are several reasons. 

Senior Dogs are the Most Calm

Senior dogs are calmer than other dogs, making them perfect pets. They won't chase you around the house like puppies and like to sit. Due to their poor energy, these canines live sedentary lives.

No Unnecessary Chewing and Nipping

You may have observed first-time dog owners grumble about their puppy's chewing. Puppy chews everything, from furniture to clothes in the closet. Since it's normal while teething, it's not the puppy's fault. No such issues will arise with older pets.

Less Maintenance Overall

Senior dogs are easy to care for, even for first-time dog owners, which is their best perk. These canines are low-energy and don't need much exercise, saving their parents time.

Senior Dogs Make Excellent Therapy Dog

Senior dogs are wonderful therapy dogs because they have the most human interaction and are more loving and empathetic. They also like being caressed more than younger dogs and sit with their humans the most.

They will be Grateful For Your Love

Because you adopted your senior dogs from a shelter, they may have been through a lot. You gave them a forever home when they were presumably yearning for one for years. 

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