7 Childish Zodiac Signs Who Need to Learn How to Adult


The youngest zodiac sign, Aries, is often told, “You're so childish”. Risky, impulsive, and angry, the star sign. The attention span of a baby, they get bored rapidly. If they lose, they'll throw a tantrum that will shock, confuse, and anger you. 


Taurians are usually irritable, and one wrong remark or action can set them off. When enraged, they utter anything without restraint. Like Aries, they demand submission and unleash hell on those who refuse. 


Libras seek acceptance. Their dread of rejection drives them to do whatever to avoid it. Anything means anything a child would do. To get your attention, they'll fib, beg, weep, and hiss. They'll keep going until you're focused. 


Geminis are full-grown babies. They exude childishness. Unhappy people make faces. Their sentimentality is unwarranted. Everything amuses them. They never take themselves seriously. Yes, Gemini friends are more like babysitters than friends. Geminis are too passive-aggressive.


Cancer will claim no adults like them. They appear to have life under control. They've become so proficient at pretending that they've convinced themselves of these lies. Zodiac signs love tantrums. 


Fire signs might make people think they're mature and independent. Although true, the zodiac has some childish features you can't ignore. Despite their obvious anger, Sagittarians don't confide. Ask what is wrong and get a phoney smile and weak “nothing”. 


The Pisces are always up in the clouds. They prefer their own dream world to reality, hence they are frequently separated from reality. They think the world is harsh and dull outside their brain. 


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