A 3-Step Guide To Keeping Your Pet's Fur Shiny And Healthy

Bathe Your Pet Often 

Like people, pets need regular baths, but not daily. Doing it too regularly can damage their skin by stripping off their natural oils, which make their fur lustrous. Bathing frequency depends on age, activity level, breed, and skin type. 

Usually, pups need monthly baths. Adult dogs normally get it once a week or less, especially indoor dogs. However, cats self-groom and rarely need bathing. However, if your cat doesn't groom itself, bathe it more often. 

Brush Your Pet’s Hair Regularly   

Regular brushing helps maintain your pet's fur. This can eliminate dead skin and hair and boost your pet's natural oils.Regular brushing energizes dogs' skin and promotes hair follicle growth.

Regular brushing helps cats' fur too. Brushing their hair can disperse their skin's natural oils, making their coat sleeker and shinier. When cats aren't brushed, they often develop hairballs. To decrease cat hairballs, brush its hair regularly.

Give Your Pet Nutritious And Quality Food  

Along with your pet's skin, you must also care for its hair. Feeding your pet a nutritious food will maintain its fur healthy, lustrous, and strong. Check the label for ingredients when buying pet food. 

Food rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is advised for dogs' health, including hair and coat. You may also add vegetable oil to your dog's diet every meal to boost its coat's luster.

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