Best Dogs  for  Small Apartments 


Many say these huge, lanky dogs are great for apartments since they need minimal room and appreciate brief activity bursts before napping all day. Sounds like my Saturdays. Many retired racing Greyhounds need homes!


Poodles shed little, so they're good for people who don't like vacuuming. Please teach your sociable and intelligent poodle well to keep them mentally and physically occupied!

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are smaller than ordinary Bulldogs, making them ideal apartment pets (although both kinds are useful). They adore lounging at home and have short, easy-to-groom hair. 


Playful pugs are tiny, eager-to-please, and can handle indoor activity in addition to their daily walks, making them ideal apartment dogs. Beware that pugs are notorious snorers if you plan to sleep with one.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus need to be walked often, but Hartstein says they are independent compared to other kinds that are more needy. The noise level of them is also usually pretty low.


Beagles are small enough for apartments and require little care (too many washes can dry their skin). They love company and spend most of their time at home, although they also enjoy park visits. 

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