Brave Zodiac Signs- Ranking From Bravest to Cowardly

Not everyone likes bravery. Movies, novels, and art may emphasise it. In real life, not everyone is brave and fearless. That is fine and typical. Realise and accept those facts. We must do that before reading. Failure to do so invariably results in wrath, grief, or hatred.

Aries is the first Zodiac sign. Therefore, they were born leaders. They dare to tread new ground. The Aries philosophy is to do what they fear. Just for fun and to calm their fears. 


Scorpions symbolise fearlessness. So are Scorpios. One of the smartest Zodiac Signs. They understand the dangers and benefits, unlike the other two signals. They can compare pros and downsides. They risk strategically. 


Leos recognise that without overcoming fear, you'll never succeed. No matter how scary, they pursue their ambitions. Leos will do anything to achieve their goals. They'll ride you if you get in their way. Avoid being enemies with them. 


Positivity is their core strength. Happy is their goal always. Being happy makes them happy. Since fear will ruin their delight, they disregard it. They look for the good even when things go wrong. They also value experience. 


Aquarians fight for what they believe in, like Scorpios. No matter how difficult, they will fight it. Aquarians react to dangers as if they don't exist. They also realise procrastination is unhealthy. Their inner voice says worrying on the past is bad.


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