Easy Great Dane  Basic Training Tips

Start early 

Your Great Dane puppy will be easy to train because of its natural desire to please. Since your Great Dane is big, start early to teach him good conduct. 

Never beat  your dog 

Punishing or beating your Great Dane for misbehaving is forbidden. Instead of learning from your punishment, your Great Dane will fear or loathe you. 

Reward your Great Dane for proper behavior 

The greatest way to train a Great Dane is with rewards. It's better for training because your dog will link it with good things. Give your Great Dane a treat or other positive reinforcement after each order.

Express dissatisfaction firmly and calmly 

You should use short, sharp directions in a calm voice when your Great Dane is acting badly or doing something he shouldn't. Something like "No" or "Uh-oh" should be said strongly to him.

Be patient 

You will not be able to train your Great Dane all at once. You just need to keep doing all the different kinds of exercise. Don't give up, your dog will figure it out in the end.

Socialize your dog early 

Your Great Dane needs early socialization with other canines and people. This will guarantee your Great Dane behaves around other dogs and people. Bring him to a dog park, invite people over, or enroll him in professional socialization classes.

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