How Long Should Puppies  Go For  Walks

When To Start Walking A Puppy

Two key elements determine when it's safe to take a puppy outside.  The age, breed, and other aspects of your puppy will determine its activity demands.  The immune system and immunization regimen of your dog are equally important. 

At What Age Can You Walk A Puppy?

Your puppy's first outdoor walks depend on its immunization status, not age.  Talk to your vet about starting your puppy immunization regimen early so they can be completely vaccinated and ready to go outside.

How Much Exercise Does A Puppy Need?

When determining how much exercise your puppy needs, multiply its age in months by five to find out how long it can walk per session.  This assumes two daily walks.

Does A Puppy’s Breed Affect Their Exercise Needs?

Although age and immunization status can help you calculate puppy walks, their ability to physically manage exercise, which can be greatly affected by breed, will determine how much you walk them.

How Often Should You Walk Your Puppy?

In the beginning, let your puppy's toilet training schedule determine how often you walk him.  In the first several months, your puppy will go outside often, so each trip could be a short stroll.

How Far Should You Walk A Puppy?

A puppy can walk how far?  The size, breed, and age of your puppy will determine the best walking distance.  Energy isn't the same as walking far. All puppies have lots of energy and love to play, although some can't walk as far.

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