How to Choose the Right Fish For Your First Aquarium?


Catfish have approximately 2,000 species, each with its distinct traits, yet none have scales. They have skin or armor. While many aquarium catfish are well-adapted to scavenging, some have bizarre dietary habits. 


This category contains many African and American fish. Several smaller species are popular in community aquariums. Some larger ones (piranhas) are harder and best for specialists. These species are often wild-caught.


This category includes several varied fish found in Africa, the tropical Americas, and Asia. These species are popular in aquariums due to their vibrant colors and diverse habitats. The Cichlids' parental care makes them territorial. 


These fish are distributed worldwide, including tropical and cold-water species like goldfish. Due to their resilience, ease of maintenance, and breeding, these species are aquarium favorites. 


These little fish reside and feed near the surface. Egg layers are rare and difficult for novices, and live bearers like guppies, mollies, swordtails, and platys are toothcarps.

Labyrinth Fish 

These fish are popular with aquarists. Other than paradise fish males, they are small, hardy, and calm, making them ideal for community aquariums.

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