How to Maintain a Freshwater Aquarium

Properly condition your water 

Your fish's long-term health depends on tank water quality. Tap water has numerous minerals that must be adjusted. It cannot support pet fish and aquatic plants otherwise.

Acclimate your fish to the water 

Acclimating your fish to their new home is crucial. Many fish species are fragile and may shock without adequate acclimatization. Our pet counselors can recommend fish acclimation procedures. 

Float fish in their bag 

Your fish must also adjust to aquarium water temperature. You must float your fish in their sealed bag for 15-20 minutes. Add at least a quarter cup of aquarium water to the sealed bag every five minutes until full.

Maintain pH balance and other chemical levels 

pH levels indicate aquarium water acidity and alkalinity. Buy a pH test kit to check your tank's pH. In aquariums with pH levels between 6.6 and 6.8, freshwater fish thrive. 

Make sure water temperature is right 

Water temperature should be comfortable for aquatic life in your aquarium. Fish can die from large tank temperature swings. Avoid placing your tank near cooling vents or direct sunlight.

Change water regularly 

Monthly water changes of 25% clean and stabilize nitrate levels in aquariums. You also remove phosphate-related debris and garbage. Keeping these levels high stresses your fish, making them sick. 

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