How to stop dogs from stealing & chewing dirty laundry?

Provide physical and mental exercise  

Your dog may be stealing to entertain themselves or engage with you. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to avoid boredom. Giving them a good outlet for their energy may hinder them from having fun.

Make sure the stealing behaviour is not rewarded

Anything that works for a dog will be done again and again. If your dog likes to get your attention by taking things, the best thing to do is to ignore them as long as it's not dangerous to do so. 

Be prepared for things to get worse at first

You might notice that your dog looks confused when you ignore them when they steal things. Especially if they used to do something like this and you would have jumped up and chased them to get the item back.

Always reward good behaviour

Instead of punishing your dog for bad behavior, focus on rewarding good behaviors like when they play with their own toys or rest on their own, such as by giving them lots of praise and attention.

Teach your dog to swap thing

It can help your dog get used to trading something for something they value more.For instance, replace a toy with a favorite or delectable treat. Before taking something from your dog, offer the better item.

When your dog steals something important or dangerous. 

If your dog has something important or poisonous, such a packet of tablets, attempt a diversion without talking, touching, or looking at them. You might leave the room or open a door to see if they follow you. 

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