How To  Teach  Your  Puppy Its Name?

When your dog isn't looking at you, speak the name in a pleasant, bright voice. When your dog looks at you, click or say “yes” or “good,” then give him a treat.

If your dog won't respond, move to a quieter area or try a different food, like little bits of cooked chicken or turkey meatball, while always praising.

Increase the challenge after your dog answers to his name consistently. Move across the room and call him. Or announce his name and wait till he looks at you before providing the treat. 

Play the name game anytime. Even while watching TV or preparing dinner with your dog, it's easy. When walking your dog, shout his name and demand attention.

Because it is essential to maintain coherence, you should repeatedly reinforce this behavior, at first doing so each and every time, and eventually doing so on an ad hoc basis, until you acquire a reliable, automatic response. 

Your dog will eventually respond to his name in exchange for the praise and love that you give him, at which point you won't need to use rewards.

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