Potty  Training for Your  Mini Labradoodle


Beginning housebreaking a puppy at 8-10 weeks is ideal. Younger puppies may not have full bladder control, and older dogs may have undesirable behaviors from their prior environment, making training harder.

Waiting Time

Transitioning from crates to toilet training should be gradual. To learn what to do when going out, puppies require a consistent routine with enough ‘waiting time’ between meals/treats.


Potty training requires praise and treats. Positive reinforcement encourages your little labradoodle to use their pee location outdoors whenever they need to.


Reward your dog for going outside with small goodies. After a successful toilet break, puppies will be more motivated by goodies because they link them with positive behavior. Limit snacking since too many calories per day cause weight growth.

Training Method

Knowing your dog's housebreaking training method is crucial. box training, which involves leaving your puppy in their box for short times during the day and night, is a popular strategy. They can even use the potty outside with you.


Potty training takes time. Don't give up on your little Labradoodle; it may take time to learn.Reward good conduct, use positive reinforcement, and correct as needed. Your dog will learn to utilize their place outside instead of within.

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