The Best Candles To Match Your Zodiac Sign

No matter the season, coconut's sweet, clean smell evokes sunshine and relaxation. This Coconut & Lime aroma, with its perfect blend of creamy coconut and zesty citrus, is best for Virgos. This scent will make you want to vacation by the pool or in the sand.


Libra loves balance, therefore a candle that says “peace and harmony” suits you. Libras are amorous and love beauty, therefore the Diptyque Gardénia candle may be perfect for you.


Scorpio's hearts and brains will be open and anger-free thanks to the candle's wonderful scent. Scorpio flowers are Geraniums, which match Urban Apothecary Oudh Geranium. Geranium, like rose but with lemon, citrus, and spice notes, relaxes.


Traveller and dreamer Sagittarius loves exotic herbs and spices. Thus, this Glasshouse Sea Salt candle is ideal for you or your favorite Sagittarius. An interpretation of the seaside wind in the home with a fresh, breezy smell that relaxes. 


This candle is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, which is exactly what a Capricorn needs. This aromatic blend of frankincense, myrrh, and eucalyptus is meant to evoke a sense of sacred woodsy mysticism.


Aquarians love rich, earthy smells and are free-spirited artists. Because they like unusual, fresh scents, this Carriere Freres Jasmine Candle is modest but charming. This French candle calms your Aquarius companion with musky fragrances and white jasmine.


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