The most dangerous zodiac signs ranked from most to least 


Capricorns are capable of committing horrific crimes like pickpocketing and murder. They can plan well, yet they are careless and can get caught.


Leos have mental health concerns and commit crimes because to their tempers. They love fame and will commit crimes to acquire it. They don't care about minor crimes; it's either a newsworthy murder or nothing.


People who steal their spotlight make them jealous. Scorpios will sting in the wrong situation. Their aggression can easily convince others to commit a crime.


They might be rude when seeking wealth. They are excellent thieves who steal fortunes to survive. Sagittarians are shrewd and intelligent, thus you'll find them among the infamous prison escapees.


Aquarians are masters of payback. Very manipulative and vindictive. Hacking is also their forte. Planning to hack important sites is their most creative. They can discover enough to blackmail someone.


The majority of Libran crimes include drugs and bank robbery. They also avoid committing crimes alone and seek partners. They feel most assured in a criminal gang or illegal organization.

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