The Most Organised Zodiac Signs, Ranked

It's easy to label Virgos the zodiac's control freaks, but their passion for perfection extends to their loved ones, whether it's charging your phone in the shower or reordering your favorite potato chips before they run out.


This organized, disciplined, and goal-oriented sign works in black and white—if it doesn't fit on their mental Excel sheet, it doesn't belong in their lives.


This sign views their environment as a reflection of themselves and pursues the finer joys of life. Bowls in the sink or dirty underwear on the floor are like being caught by their ex in a ratty old grey t-shirt at the grocery store.


This nurturing sign naturally has a mother feeling toward their loved ones, which means they make their home a warm, cozy cocoon that no one wants to leave.


This dreamy sign may seem lost in their fantasy world, but when they do emerge, they like to keep their mental world peaceful by ensuring their outer world is too.


Gemini's middle ground—not color-coordinated enough to join the Virgos but not sloppy enough to offend Marie Kondo—makes lyrical sense. Like this, like that?


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