The Most Popular Zodiac Signs

Leos are the center of attention in group chats, whether you love them or detest them. Their recent hiking excursion photos: 1,56,342.


Meet the zodiac twins, who will hold your hand and send precisely the appropriate amount of cheer-up memes after a breakup yet strangely leave you on read when you need help booking an Uber.


Aries can jump to the last level of the think, feel, speak pyramid before they've thought things out. But when you need a reality check and a serious talk, this is your straight shooter.


A Libra's moderate nature makes them a popular member of any online chat group. Unlike Leos, they aren't certain to receive nothing but praise and admiration from everyone around them.


A Piscean is a friend to everyone and only wants to share good feelings and have fun, but their popularity may suffer because they can't stop posting old photos on social media at inopportune moments.


Earth signs are influential in the middle of the pack because they are often the first to respond to a group chat at ungodly hours, but only because they were up thinking about a single emoji. This emoji is upside down. Why?


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