The Most Two Faced Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologer

"Sagittarius people don't want to get into a tense situation," explains Sacred Joanne creator, astrologer, and reiki practitioner Joanne Lara. "They appreciate light and amusing things because they like pleasing others. They flatter to soften others, even if they don't intend it."


"This sign just wants everyone to be happy, and if that means they have to lie, they absolutely will," Lara. "They know when they aren't being honest and straightforward, but if it keeps the peace, Pisces doesn't mind."


This crab-represented symbol is notably secretive. Their genuine thoughts, feelings, and opinions are also kept quiet. "Ansley Echols, founder of Purpose Vibes Astrology Readings, says Cancer's symbol is two circles facing opposite directions, so they tend to show the opposite of what they feel."


The town gossip is probably Libra. "Libras can't keep secrets to themselves because they can't keep their mouths shut," Lara adds. "If you tell a Libra a juicy secret, they can't wait to tell someone else about it."


This sign is sly, sometimes two-faced. "Scorpios are ambitious and will do anything to achieve their goals," says psychic reader, astrologer, and Best of Psychic Reader creator Emily Newman. "They may seem like your best buddy before deceiving you. 


"They'll say or do something one minute and then do the exact opposite the next; they tell the truth in the moment, but as moments change so does the truth," Echols. "Being ruled by Mercury, they are of quick mind, which means their thoughts are constantly racing, growing, and changing."


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