The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Stay Single

Scorpio loves to think, especially when they like someone. They like to understand their partner. Scorpio would want to know what they can offer their spouse to be the finest. Scorpio does not mind being a good spouse to themselves unless they feel violated or cheated.


Virgos often feel awkward at unfamiliar parties. Imagine how hard it is for them to find a companion when they don't want to date or organize social events.


Cancers appreciate singlehood and relationships equally. Cancers are motherly and adore throwing parties and serving others. But sometimes they withdraw and prefer being home alone.


Although Pisces adore partnerships, many are happier when single out of self-defense. Pisces are creative, inventive, and emotional.


Sagittarius is lone-wolfly. They know if they like someone when they meet them, therefore they are loyal and adventurous in relationships. They'll probably want you on their adventure if they adore you. 


Aries, one of the most appealing zodiac signs, can become lonely for long periods of time, even though it doesn't stay long. They fall in love quickly and fall out of love even faster. This makes them better alone. 


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