Top 5 Zodiac Signs Man Who Like Long Hair Women

Astrology links zodiac signs to personality traits and preferences. Given their traits and compatibility, certain zodiac signs are popular with men who like long-haired women. Based on their qualities and astrological preferences, here are the top five zodiac signs that like long-haired women.

Taurus guys love beauty and sensuality. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules them, thus they like elegant things. Long hair represents elegance and grace, which Taurus men love. 


Cancer males are sentimental and caring. They like caring, motherly women and seek security in relationships. Long hair's nurturing implications appeal to their sentimentality. 


Long-haired ladies captivate Scorpio men, who are passionate and mysterious. Pluto-ruled, they are magnetic and want depth in relationships. Long hair captivates them and makes ladies with it more attractive.


Neptune, the planet of dreams and imagination, rules Pisces men, born romantics. They love artistic beauty, and long hair suits their romantic beliefs. Women with flowing hair convey fantasy and ethereality, which suits Pisceans' love of poetry and dreams.


Confident and charismatic Leo guys want a mate to match their energy. Leos like someone graceful and elegant, and long hair signifies femininity and elegance. As they nurture and care for their lovers, Leos might express their protective and chivalrous side.


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