Top 6 facts about Silky Terrier Dog Breed

It Makes a Great Urban Dog

Like its terrier cousins, the Silky terrier was originally bred to catch rats. However, it is a good dog for living in an apartment in the city because it is small and likes to stay inside with its owner.

It Comes with a Complicated Naming History

The Silky terrier breed has had a lot of name changes for a dog that is so small. There are actually two names for this dog that vary on where you live in the world. It was first bred in Australia and was called the Sydney Silky Terrier.

It Makes a Tremendous Special Eventing Dog

Though little, these larger-than-life dogs have excelled in exceptional occasions.Silky terriers excel at tracking, fly ball, herding, agility, and show dogs due to their activity, prey drive, and need to be busy.

Silky Terrier Temperament and Personality

Despite their diminutive size and teddy bear features, silky terriers are bold.The Silky terrier, known for its Napoleon complex, is known to fight other dogs and deter intruders.

Silky Terrier Health and Care

Although the Silky terrier, like many other breeds of dogs, has a good overall health, it is nonetheless susceptible to a number of different diseases and disorders.

Silky Terrier Health

To rule out genetic disorders, check the dog's health clearances from both parents, if available.Responsible breeders should have National Breed Club approvals to show you as needed.

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