Top Dog Breeds  for Lazy Owners


Dachshunds are friendly and make terrific couch buddies. This dog is small or medium-sized. Long-haired doxies need more grooming than short- or wire-haired ones. Any can be a good friend.


This racing canine is not high-energy, despite popular assumption. Most greyhounds are couch potatoes who lounge with their owners. They love daily walks and occasional runs but don't need much exercise.

French Bulldog

The happy Frenchie is ideal for lounging. France bulldogs are among the happiest dogs. They are energetic but not endurance-driven. This breed needs moderate daily exercise, however outdoor activities should be limited in warmer weather.


Turning to a little dog? Pocket-sized Chihuahuas weigh 2–6 pounds and make great lap dogs. Although they have energy spurts, these canines don't need much exercise.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are mild-mannered, kind, affectionate, and flexible dogs that will always look like puppies. This small-to-medium canine enjoys snuggling with humans and other dogs. Cavaliers weigh 11–18 pounds and are easy to train.

West Highland White Terrier

Westies are great small- to medium-sized dogs for easygoing pets. Most are fairly active, trainable, and healthy.This breed needs occasional maintenance but not constant cutting.

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