What Kind of Burger Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, is competitive cardinal fire, and the Whopper is a deluxe flame-broiled testament to wanting to be first. Aries' cardinal energy is initiatory and inspiring, and the Whopper's release sparked a wave of deluxe competitors like the Big Mac.


Tauruses are nasty and bougie, coming for worldly pleasures, extra cheese, and hotel room upgrades–the ultimate manifestation of their ‘indulgence is my birth right’. Missouri is DBG's $700 Gold Standard burger in Center City, Philadelphia.


Castor and Pollux, the fabled twins, embody the duality in all people and Gemini. The career of Jon Basso, owner of Las Vegas' Heart Attack Grill, is a prime illustration of polarization.


Cancerians rule the fourth house of home and root systems, so they have a strong desire for the past. The Shackburger, Danny Meyer's cult burger, draws inspiration from 1950s roadside burger stands and classic Americana to connect modern consumers to old-fashioned flavors.


Leo symbolizes monarchy, first place, and blue bloods. Its predecessors were the Aristocrat and the Blue Ribbon Burger. Big cats love living large, and The Big Mac is an emblem of capitalism and American excess.


I disagree with the stereotype of Virgos as precious, precise squares who are picky about cleanliness and judgmental about everything else, but the White Castle square patty embodies this.


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