Why You Should  Give Your Dogs Bully Sticks

Dog-Friendly And Healthy Option

Any size dog will enjoy a tasty snack they can play with. Bully sticks' natural origin from animal byproduct and lack of preservatives and dyes make them a better snack than others.

Bully sticks are less likely to upset sensitive stomachs than rawhide, pig ears, and other natural and commercial treats. Bully sticks are abundant in protein and taurine, which helps dogs' eyesight and hearts.

Great For Your Canine’s Dental Health And Stomach

Bully sticks are good for dogs' teeth despite their roughness. Chewing pizzle sticks abrades canine teeth, removing plaque and tartar without scratching the gums.Bully sticks are easily digestible and don't create stomachaches. 

Long-Lasting And Long Shelf Life

Due to its toughness, bully sticks last long to chew. Bully sticks last hours or days, unlike other rewards that are readily chewed. However, it depends on how long and aggressively your dog chews it daily.

There’s One For Every Dog

Dogs are fussy eaters too. Bully sticks are suitable for choosy dogs including Dachshunds, Maltese, and Pugs, as well as finicky dogs. Bully sticks come in various types, so your dog is sure to adore one.

Saves Your Things From Getting Chewed

Finally, bully sticks can distract your pet from chewing your stuff. Some dogs, especially puppies, chew everything. Instead of damaging your favourite objects, give your dog a special chew and play toy to enjoy this healthy treat.

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