Why your  dog stares  at you  while  pooping

perform your dogs perform their business with constant eye contact? As a dog owner, this staring may seem unusual, raising doubts. Here are some reasons your dog makes intense eye contact with you during poop time.

A dog may feel unpleasant while maintaining his stance to excrete faeces. The animal must squat and position itself for a set time, and it may be unable to combat an enemy or run for shelter while defecating. 

The dog owner makes it a point to always perform the role of an effective pack leader, and as a result, the pet dog may keep an eye on you when you are in this predicament in the hopes of receiving reassurance from you. 

Another explanation for the focused gaze is that the dog wants a reward for "performing its business outdoors." Madeline Friedman, a dog behaviour specialist and trainer, explained that while a puppy is rewarded for pooping outdoors, a house-broken dog may not receive goodies.

London-based canine behaviourist and trainer Nick Jones believes the dog may make eye contact to get its master's thumbs up/nod for its preferred toilet place. This may happen if the dog was chastised for defecating elsewhere.

Sonja Olson of Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners thinks the dog's look may indicate that it wants privacy when pooping. Some dogs avoid pooping on the leash or under close supervision and may wish to go away to a quiet area away from the neighbourhood.

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