Winter Pet Care Tips: Protect Your Pets  from Cold Weather?

Manage Your Pet’s Food Intake

Dogs and cats need calories to exercise and shiver, just like humans. Food gives those calories. The number of calories your pet needs depends on their weight and coat. Low-fat dogs and cats with thin or hairless coats may need extra calories in winter to stay warm. 

Pet-Proof Your Home

Your pet will likely spend more time indoors in winter, so keeping them safe demands extra care. Keep cleaning materials, electrical wires, houseplants, and medicines out of reach, but be extra careful with new household items in winter. 

Protect Your Pet’s Paw

Dogs require outdoor time for exercise and toilet breaks even in winter. In frigid climes, this entails navigating rock salt and deicing chemical-covered pavements.

Manage Outdoor Time Wisely

Winterizing dogs and cats helps them adjust to frigid temperatures. Take cautious when you go outside together.Before Going Out In snowy conditions, leash and chip your pet. 

Provide an Indoor Potty Solution

On cold winter days, dogs may need inside pee breaks despite being taught to go outside. Having Wee-Wee® training pads on hand is especially useful in uncomfortable weather. 

Create a Pet First Aid Kit

Winter weather often means lost power and roads that are slippery and dangerous. If you need pet products or can't get to the vet in an emergency, you should put together a pet first aid kit with things like

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